Art department

The art department includes the Collection of Fine Arts and the Collection of Applied Arts.

The fine art collection has a little more than 1500 items and in terms of importance it represents one of the most valuable art collections in Vojvodina. It is a kind of cross-section of everything that happened in the framework of native art from the 18th century to the beginning of the 21st century. The oldest exhibits of the Collection of Fine Arts come from the first half of the 18th century and are the works of the so-called Zograf, local, mostly anonymous painters trained in monastery workshops. Continuing the chronological flow from baroque, classicism, Biedermeier, romanticism, realism all the way to the modern trends of the 20th century, the collection includes works by Dimitrije Popović, Nikola Nešković, Nikola Aleksić, Konstantin Danilo, Đura Jakšić, Novak Radonjić, Pavle Simić, Stevan Aleksić , Aleksandar Sekulić and others. A special unit consists of legates: Uroš Predić, Paulinа Sudarski, Tivadar Vanjek, Zlatа Markov Baranji, Ljubicа Tapavički, Friderikа Benda, Janos Ajha and Vladislav Vukov. The most valuable is the Legacy of Uroš Predić, which contains paintings, drawings, sketches, inventory from the studio, personal correspondence, notes, photographs, documents of this famous artist from the era of academic realism.

The oldest acquisitions of items kept in the Collection date back to the time of the Museum’s founding. However, the establishment and shaping of the Collection began only after the Second World War and ended in 1965, when an independent inventory book was opened. The applied art collection is divided into several collections, such as: Glass-ceramics-porcelain, Metal and jewelry, Furniture and woodworking, Applied graphics and photography, Equipment and lighting. Special collections are represented by Architecture and stone processing and Textiles, which are in the evaluation and formation phase. The complex structure of the Collection, organized according to material and purpose, is united by stylistic and temporal determinants ranging from post-Byzantine art and baroque to modern tendencies in the form of art deco, functionalism and pop art. The objects that are stored, studied and exhibited come from the most important European manufacturers in the field of applied art, such as the Viennese Porcelain Manufactory, Staklara Harahov, the metal factory Argentor – Rust & Hecel, etc., but also from not less important – local ones, such as  furniture factories Anton Bence & son, cement goods by Udov Jakov Gutman and sons and others. Today, the collection contains more than 900 inventory items


Olivera Skoko, senior curator-art historian
Fine art collection


Biljana Dimkić, curator-art historian
Collection of applied arts


Dejan Vorgić, curator-art historian
Collection of applied arts

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