Archaeological exhibition in OKC Sečanj

At the end of July 2011, the National Museum of Zrenjanin signed a contract with the local community from Sečanj, for the installation of the permanent exhibition of the Archaeological Department. On that occasion was agreed, that the exhibition of archaeological material originating from the territory of the municipality of Sečanj will be held in the Educational Cultural Center. The entire project was funded by the Ministry of Culture, Information and Information Society, and the manager and author on behalf of the Museum was Snežana Marinković, museum advisor and archaeologist. After defining all the contractual obligations, the implementation of the exhibition began, for which it was necessary to make a selection of exhibits, create seven showcases and panels that accompany the exhibition and present the localities from which the objects originate. The exhibition was opened in September of the same year.

The permanent exhibition presented the wealth of archaeological sites in the wider surroundings of Sečanj with the aim of educating the youth and the population about the past of their region, but also enriching the cultural offer of the municipality. From the collection of the Zrenjanin National Museum, about fifty exhibits from the Radovanov brickyard site (storage room I, II, III) were selected for the exhibition in the form of bracelets, necklaces, foot band, buttons and hollow axes from the Late Bronze Age, as well as urns, coins and fragments of vessels from of the Middle Ages from the site of the Machine Tool Factory and the necropolis of Area C. Special attention is drawn to the damaged Gothic cross body in the form of Christ with a three-pointed crown from the 13th century.

At the end of May 2012, the National Museum of Zrenjanin sent a letter to the municipality of Sečanj with the aim of expanding the previous cooperation, which would move in the direction of opening a real annex or outpost department, which would professionally cover various fields such as archaeology, ethnology and history. Due to the complexity of the undertaking, lack of finance and lack of space, this idea was abandoned. The advanced installation of the Archaeological Department in Sečanj is still open to the public in the Cultural Center after 10 years and can be a starting point for further improvement of cooperation between institutions.