Mills of Central Banat AR

In the publication “Mills in the area of the Central Banat, from prehistory to 1941”, QR codes have been implemented, and made the National museum of Zrenjanin as one of the first museums that use new technologies in this way: in order to see the exhibition and the book, it is necessary to download the free “Mills of Central Banat AR” application, to trigger the content of the code. Each QR provides audio-visual information that is directly related to the specific content of the exhibition chapter.

Visions of the Museum


Since 2019, visitors to the National Museum of Zrenjanin can use an augmented reality application called “Visions of the Museum” during a tour of the permanent exhibition.

By using this application, visitors are able to “live” the museum’s permanent exhibition and learn more about the works of art and museum exhibits in Serbian or English. The application is available on Google Play and the App Store and can be downloaded for free. Within the permanent exhibition, there are marked points from where the visitor, when pointing his phone or tablet device towards the exhibit, can activate the content of the application.


The “Visions of the Museum” application includes the presentation of several objects from the collection of the museum: the painting “Defile of the Banat Spahija before Emperor Francis Joseph I” by Vago Pal, the painting “Vision in the Clouds” by Uroš Predić, “Window of Friendship” by Tivadar Vanjek, the goldsmith’s cap and the bronze head of the king Petar Karađorđević.

The application was realized in cooperation between the National Museum of Zrenjanin and the company Zumoko AR/VR with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia. The author of the project is Jelena Gvozdenac Martinov, senior restorer, head of the conservation and restoration department of the Museum.