"Small curators - big stories"

“Small curators – big stories” is the name of the project of the National Museum of Zrenjanin intended for young people aged 13 to 19, and aims to actively involve them in the interpretation of the native cultural heritage presented in the Museum’s permanent exhibition.



Primary and secondary school students who express an interest in participating first familiarize themselves with the content of the permanent exhibition of the National Museum of Zrenjanin and together with the museum pedagogue, in accordance with their affinities, choose the topic that will be the subject of the video presentation. After that, in collaboration with the museum pedagogue, research on literature, writing texts and working on the content of the video presentation is started. At the very end, participants receive training in the field of image and sound recording, and access to recording material for video films on selected topics.




During 2022, six videos were realized in cooperation with the students of the primary schools “Vuk Karadžić” from Zrenjanin (grades VII 1 and VIII 1) and “Uroš Predić” from Orlovat (higher grades), as well as students of the Secondary Agricultural School (grade II 2 ), Junior High School “Josif Marinković” (grade IV) and students of Zrenjanin High School (grades IV 2 and IV 8). The students chose as topics the fossil remains of mammoths kept in the Department of Natural History, gold embroidery and goldsmith’s caps from the Department of Ethnology, the legacy of the Varadi family, the childhood and beginning of creativity of Uroš Predić, the sculpture “Orphans” by ceramist Zlata Markov Baranji and the painting of Stevan Aleksić.


For the purposes of the project “Small curators – big stories”, special accounts were opened on social networks – Facebook and Instagram. One of the ideas is for the participants to actively get involved and post and edit the content of the posts themselves.

Ivana Arađan, senior museum pedagogue, is in charge of education and work with young people, while Sanja Vrzić, museum advisor, is in charge of promoting the project on social networks and in the media. The mentors for recording and editing the video material were Dušan Udicki and Feldeši Đula, while the executive production was signed by the association “Pečat”.

Social networks

Watch the video presentations of the "small" curators at the following links:

"Young painter - great works" - the work of students of the upper grades of Elementary School Uroš Predić from Orlovat:

"Golden Threads of Kate Zlatarka" - the work of students of VII 1 and VIII 1 elementary school "Vuk Karadžić" from Zrenjanin

"The story of the Zrenjanin mammoth" the work of students II 2 of the Secondary Agricultural School from Zrenjanin:

Video about the Varada family of lawyers - work by students of the Zrenjanin high school, class IV 8:

"Poetry in stone" about the sculpture "Orphans" by the sculptor Zlata Markov Baranji - the work of students of the IV 2nd grade of the Zrenjanin high school:

"Between Life and Death" - the work of IV grade students of the "Josif Marinković" High School of Music:

Video about the filming and work of "Little Curators":

"In the studio of Mirjana Nikolić Pećinar"