Historical department

The historical department was formed by donations from citizens, even before the opening of the Museum to the public. At the very beginning, the collection contained cold and firearms, and later, the collection of objects and documents of importance for the historical development and interpretation of the historical trends of this city and the climate, that is, the area of ​​the middle Banat, was started.

In 1978, the history department was divided into two large collections: the Collection of Older History (ZSI) and the Collection of the Labor Movement and the National Liberation Struggle (RP I NOB), and in 1993 the RP I NOB Collection changed its name to the Collection of New History (ZNI). This division has persisted to this day. As a separate segment of the History Department, the Collection of Sports History was established in 2005.

The collection of older history deals with the study of the historical development of the middle Banat and today’s Zrenjanin (formerly Veliki Bečkerek and Petrovgrad) from the beginning of the 14th century until the seventies of the 19th century. The collection contains over 500 inventoried museum pieces classified into several collections. The most important is the Weapons Collection, which contains cold and firearms, and refers to the period from the 13th to the 19th century. In addition to this, there are several other smaller collections such as: Old maps, seals, Old photographs, Documents and Art pictures.

The collection of recent history deals with the study of the historical development of the middle Banat and today’s Zrenjanin, from the beginning of the seventies of the 18th century to the end of the first half of the 20th century, with a tendency to extend to the entire 20th century. This collection contains 770 inventoried museum items classified into collections – Weapons and military equipment, Documents, Photographs, Original manuscripts, books, newspapers and newspaper articles, Textiles, Seals, Badges, Medals, decorations and other small items, Maps, Charters, Posters, Diplomas and leaflets, Art pictures and letters, Postcards, greeting cards and stationery.

Under the cover of the Collection of Recent History is also the legacy of the distinguished (Petrovgrad and Zrenjanin) Varadi family of lawyers, which contains diplomas, photographs, various notes, invitations, identification cards, business cards, newspaper articles and more. Most of the legacy of the Varadi family is exhibited at the permanent exhibition of the Zrenjanin National Museum in the salon-cabinet of the said family.

A special segment of the History Department is the Collection of Sports History, which was formed thanks to a large number of collected and mostly donated sports props, photos, posters and diplomas. It contains over 5,000 items, and deals with the study, collection and display of various museums related to the history of sports in our city from the middle of the 19th century until today.



Srđan Prilјeva, viši kustos-istoričar

Zbirka starije istorije


Vladislava Ignjatov, viša  kustoskinja-istoričarka

Zbirka novije istorije


Siniša Onjin, kustos-istoričar

Zbirka istorije sporta



The collection of early history

The collection of recent history

The collection of sports history