Special library


An important  part of the modern practice of every museum is scientific and research work, which can`t be realized without a professional library, organized and equipped with appropriate professional literature. The library is often the starting point of any research, so the fund of the special museum library is directed to the needs of curators.

The book fund has over 10,000 publications, and is primarily intended for employees of the Museum, but is also available for citizens. Fund is divided on thematic parts according to the material, and into several categories – monographs (covering topics from archaeology, ethnology, history, history of art and museum), publications (magazines, mostly anthologies, newsletters and magazines published by other museums in the country) and exhibition catalogs (a collection that follows the work of our museum, from the fifties of the last century until today, as well as exhibition catalogs of other cultural institutions in the country and region).

Within the special library there are also two collections, which are promoted through the Museum’s permanent exhibition and occasionally through thematic exhibitions. The collection of old and rare books covers the period from the 16th to the 20th century and contains about 250 publications in different languages ​​(Serbian, German, Hungarian, Latin, etc.). The second is the Collection of Movie Posters, which covers the subject of Yugoslav cinematography from 1948 until the beginning of the nineties of the 20th century.

Recently, the library of the family Županski has been under the management of the Library, as part of the annex of the Museum in the Memorial House of Slavko Županski.



Bojana Petraš, senior librarian