Project "Museum in Schools"

Project “Museum in Schools” Museum in Schools is a multi-year curatorial project supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia and the city of Zrenjanin. 

The goal of the project is mapping and documenting buildings of cultural and historical importance that the founders of the Central Banat district keep in their households. The curators are assisted by students who bring their family objects to view, and then professionally process and document them in an interactive way through videos and photos, as well as descriptions in cartons made as a model for museum documentation. In addition, the curators, through a video presentation and a story, present the students of their department and the permanent exhibition of the National Museum of Zrenjanin. 


Since fieldwork is carried out in schools and students actively participate in it, as the main goal of the project is to educate children, through education, about local culture, museum activities and the importance of museum institutions, thereby creating and developing a new museum audience. Middle Banat is a multicultural environment, so all the mapped material represents its excellent treasury of its rich cultural and historical heritage. Upon completion of the complete project, that is, all four planned phases, the collected and documented material will be presented at an exhibition in the Hall of the National Museum of Zrenjanin, which is actually the final phase of this complex multi-year project. .


The current team consists of: Dušan Marinković, senior curator of academic photography (leader and coordinator), Vladislava Ignjatov, senior curator of  history, Siniša Onjin, curator of history, AleksandraĐukić, curator of ethnology, Branka Sikimić, senior curator of  ethnology, Ksenija Mihić, curator of ethnology-anthropology, Bojana Petraš, senior librarian, graduate linguist.


Museum in Schools

Museum in Schools 2nd phase

Museum in Schools