Pictures of Franz Kurz zum Thurn and Goldenstein

The collection of Fine Arts wing of the Art Department of the National Museum in Zrenjanin holds two paintings of nearly identical artistic qualities and close themes. In one of them, which is called “Orpheus’ lament” (after Eurydice), a mythological hero is presented with a lyre and a wreath around his head, dressed in furs and draped in red.

“Landscape from Scotland” A Painting by Horatio MuCulloch

The art department of the National Museum in Zrenjanin is the holder of an oil canvas (ZLU no. 220) by one of the most successful and most recognized Scottish landscape painters – Horatio MuCulloh. The canvas portrays a plateau of Scotland with hills covered with dark and heavy clouds. Opposite an imposing mountain massif stands a river, which meanders through the valley.