Photo Library

In 2019 a Photo Library, comprising photos and other relevant documentation, joined the departments of the Arts, History, Natural Sciences, Archeology, and Ethnology. The museum possesses an impressive collection of negatives that preserve the history and culture of our region from the beginning of the 20th century until today.

History Department

The collection of the History Department was first formed and built upon the gifts of citizens, a process initiated prior to the founding of the Museum, that is, before 1911. In the beginning, the collection comprised only various combat weapons and firearms, but later, with the formation of the Museum it expanded by including and actively collecting objects and documents of importance for the historical development and interpretation of the historical trends in the region.

Art Department

The Art Department is comprised of two collections – Fine Arts and Applied Arts. The Fine Arts Collection contains more than 1500 items and is one of the most valuable art collections in Vojvodina. Today, the Applied Arts Collection is a unique and prominent segment of the Art Department.

Natural Sciences Department

Today, the permanent exhibition of the Natural Sciences Department of the National Museum of Zrenjanin is located on the second floor of the Museum. It consists of three displays: a diorama depiction of the living world of Banat, a three-dimensional installation of fossil remains from the paleontological collection, and an installation of dermo-plastic preparations of birds.

Archaeological Department

The Archaeological Department of the National Museum of Zrenjanin contains about 10,000 items in its collection. The collection is divided into two sections: prehistoric and medieval. The objects of the Archaeological Department come from the fund of the archeological collection, which has been enriched through systematically researched archeological sites, performed protective archeological research, reconnaissance of the terrain, and through donations and procurement. The chronological framework of the fund covers the period from the Neolithic Age to the Middle Ages.

Ethnology Department

The collection of the Ethnological Department of the National Museum in Zrenjanin was formed alongside the founding of the Museum itself, in 1906. After the Second World War, thanks to the private collection of the well-known Veliko Bečkerek (today’s Zrenjanin) merchant Greenbaum, as well as to the many items that arrived as endowments from the charitable association Kolo Srpskih Sestara (The Circle of Serbian Sisters), the collection of the Ethnology Department has been significantly enriched.

Pedagogical Information Service

The Pedagogical Information Service was founded in 1969 with the fundamental objective of making the rich cultural heritage that the Museum preserves accessible to all structures of society. From its establishment until today, the service has been continuously working with visitors of all ages to familiarize audiences with and popularize the Museum’s holdings and exhibitions, while interpreting the permanent and thematic exhibitions.