Tatjana Petrović

Independent Preparator for Metals Conservation
(Zrenjanin, 1978)

Telephone: 060/ 7271278
E-Mail: tatjanapetrovic13@gmail.com


Graduated from the Technical College of Vocational Studies Zrenjanin, Department of Chemical Technology – Engineer (2007))


She completed her professional training in the field of Metal Conservation in the Atelier for Metal Conservation at the Central Institute for Conservation in Belgrade under the supervision of Metal Conservator Nataša Krstić. (2014)

Advanced professional training in 2015 at the Museum of Vojvodina in Novi Sad with the museum’s Conservation Advisor, Ana Olajoš.

Professional Engagement

Since 2000, Tatjana Petrović has been employed at the National Museum in Zrenjanin, and since 2005, after passing the relevant professional exam at the Museum of Vojvodina in Novi Sad, she has worked as a museum guide.

As a museum guide, she interprets the permanent exhibition of the museum and all the thematic exhibitions organized at the Museum.

Since November 2016, After passing the professional exam at the Museum of Vojvodina in Novi Sad and gaining the title of Technician-conservator, she has been engaged at the National Museum Zrenjanin as an Independent Preparator for Metal Conservation.

As an Independent Preparator for Metal Conservation, she has worked on the conservation of museum objects from the Historical Department (weapons, decorations, military props, cups, etc.), the Archaeological Department (coins, jewelry, amulets…), the Art Department (decorative boxes, chandeliers, religious props, candlesticks, chandeliers,), the Ethnology Department (furniture, agricultural tools and props…), the Department of Natural History (conservation of dermo-plastic preparations of birds), and from the Art Collection (conservation of objects from the Memorial Room of Uroš Predić, Tibor Varadi, and Todor Manoj).

At the elementary school Svetozar Marković-Toza in Taraš, she worked on the conservation and restoration of plaster sculptures and busts of the artist Ljubica Tapavički and participated in workshops on conservation prepared for the students of this school.

She has participated several times in archeological workshops for children on Museum Night. Regarding additional museum activities, she has also participated in: the archeological excavation at the Jančina Humka site in 2017; the writing and implementation of several projects of the Ministry of Culture; and in the realization of all thematic exhibitions in the Museum.

Education (seminars)

“Principles of Conservation,” Central Institute for Conservation Belgrade (2012)

“Digitization of Vojvodina Museums,” Museum of Vojvodina Novi Sad (2014)

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