Srđan Priljeva

Srđan V. Prilјeva, Senior Curator and historian, graduated in History from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. He served as the Director of the National Museum Zrenjanin from 2000-2005, during which he initiated and managed the successful completion of extensive restorative work related to the reconstruction of the building of the National Museum Zrenjanin. His dedicated work and selfless effort led to the creation of the prestigious exhibition salon of the National Museum Zrenjanin, where he now serves as a Senior Curator.
He is the author of the academic paper “The Russian Colony in Veliki Bečkerek – Petrovgrad”, whose publication is expected by the end of the current year. The reviewer of the book is the National Museum Zrenjanin advisor Mile Cvetić, with professional assistance provided by academician Ljubodrag Dimić. Srđan V. Prilјeva is also the author of the texts “Serbs in the Early Middle Ages” and “Herzegovinians in Banat,” which are currently in their final preparation stages. The author’s exhibition “History of the Russians in Veliki Bečkerek – Petrovgrad” was realized in the exhibition hall of the National Museum Zrenjanin. He works in both Russian and English.

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