Exhibition of photographs by Pavle Taboroši “Canoe Coral Coconut”

Nov 3, 2021

The exhibition of photographs by Pavle Taboroši entitled “Canoe Coral Coconut” is to be available to visitors from April 8 to May 7, 2021 in the Salon of the National Museum in Zrenjanin.

The curator is Dušan Marinković, a senior curator, academic photographer, and graphic designer.

This exhibition is a combination of documentary and travelogue work on the heritage and geomorphology of the Marshall Islands. The photos were taken as part of a project carried out by the Ministry of Education of the Marshall Islands and the “Island Research and Education Initiative” from the Federal State of Micronesia, in which Pavle and Srđana Taboroši collaborated as photographers. Over a period of six months, they visited 12 atolls and over 40 islands. The research was extremely laborious, as the only means of travel to some smaller islands were cargo ships coconut husks.

“Today, the Marshall Islands are an independent state, with a very turbulent history, which in some ways reminds of the history of our own country. Regardless of their position on the opposite end of the planet and the majority of the population never having heard of Serbia or Yugoslavia, we can learn a lot about ourselves from the example of this culture,” said Pavle Taboroši.

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